Classical Electromagnetism

Appendix 1: The Greek Alphabet

By Mark Lawrence

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The Greek Alphabet
Letter lower Capitol Pronounciation Pronounciation HTML
Alpha α Α a as in ahh Ahl-fah α
Beta β Β B bet-ah β
Gamma γ Γ G gah-mah γ
Delta δ Δ D or Th as in That thel-tah δ
Epsilon ε Ε e as in bet ep-see-lon ε
Zeta ζ Ζ Z or ZD as in wisdom zet-ah ζ
Eta η Η a as in bait ate-ah η
Theta θ Θ Th as in thought, not that. thet-ah θ
Iota ι Ι i as in police ee-o-tah ι
Kappa κ Κ K kah-pa κ
Lambda λ Λ L lahm-dah λ
Mu μ Μ M moo μ
Nu ν Ν N new ν
Xi ξ Ξ ks as in bricks ksee ξ
Omicron ο Ο uh as in but o-mee-kron ο
Pi π Π P pee π
Rho ρ Ρ rolled R ro ρ
Sigma σ Σ S seeg-mah σ
Tau τ Τ T tau τ
Upsilon υ Υ the nasel French eu or oo oop-si-lon υ
Phi φ Φ F fee φ
Chi χ Χ gutteral German ch or K kee χ
Psi ψ Ψ ps as in oops psee ψ
Omega ω Ω aw as in paw aw-meh-gah ω