Classical Electromagnetism

Appendix 4: Mathematical, Greek and Symbolic characters for HTML

By Mark Lawrence

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These entities were added to the HTML definition as of HTML 4. These entity names are not supported by Netscape Communicator 4, but are (mostly) supported by Internet Explorer 4, 5, 6; and completely by Opera 7 and FireFox 1.

CharacterHexASCIIHTML EntityDescription
Latin Extended-B
ƒ &x192; ƒ ƒ latin small f with hook=function, =florin,
Α &x391; Α Α capital alpha
Β &x392; Β Β capital beta
Γ &x393; Γ Γ capital gamma
Δ &x394; Δ Δ capital delta
Ε &x395; Ε Ε capital epsilon
Ζ &x396; Ζ Ζ capital zeta
Η &x397; Η Η capital eta
Θ &x398; Θ Θ capital theta
Ι &x399; Ι Ι capital iota
Κ &x39A; Κ Κ capital kappa
Λ &x39B; Λ Λ capital lambda
Μ &x39C; Μ Μ capital mu
Ν &x39D; Ν Ν capital nu
Ξ &x39E; Ξ Ξ capital xi
Ο &x39F; Ο Ο capital omicron
Π &x3A0; Π Π capital pi
Ρ &x3A1; Ρ Ρ capital rho
Σ &x3A3; Σ Σ capital sigma
Τ &x3A4; Τ Τ capital tau
Υ &x3A5; Υ Υ capital upsilon
Φ &x3A6; Φ Φ capital phi
Χ &x3A7; Χ Χ capital chi
Ψ &x3A8; Ψ Ψ capital psi
Ω &x3A9; Ω Ω capital omega
α &x3B1; α α lower alpha
β &x3B2; β β lower beta
γ &x3B3; γ γ lower gamma
δ &x3B4; δ δ lower delta
ε &x3B5; ε ε lower epsilon
ζ &x3B6; ζ ζ lower zeta
η &x3B7; η η lower eta
θ &x3B8; θ θ lower theta
ι &x3B9; ι ι lower iota
κ &x3BA; κ κ lower kappa
λ &x3BB; λ λ lower lambda
μ &x3BC; μ μ lower mu
ν &x3BD; ν ν lower nu
ξ &x3BE; ξ ξ lower xi
ο &x3BF; ο ο lower omicron
π &x3C0; π π lower pi
ρ &x3C1; ρ ρ lower rho
ς &x3C2; ς ς lower final sigma
σ &x3C3; σ σ lower sigma
τ &x3C4; τ τ lower tau
υ &x3C5; υ υ lower upsilon
φ &x3C6; φ φ lower phi
χ &x3C7; χ χ lower chi
ψ &x3C8; ψ ψ lower psi
ω &x3C9; ω ω lower omega
ϑ &x3D1; ϑ ϑ lower theta symbol
ϒ &x3D2; ϒ ϒ lower upsilon with hook symbol
ϖ &x3D6; ϖ ϖ pi symbol
General Punctuation
&x2022; • • bullet=black small circle,
&x2026; … … horizontal ellipsis=three dot leader,
&x2032; ′ ′ prime=minutes, =feet,
&x2033; ″ ″ double prime=seconds, =inches,
&x203E; ‾ ‾ overline=spacing overscore,
&x2044; ⁄ ⁄ fraction slash
Letterlike Symbols
&x2118; ℘ ℘ script capital P=power set, =Weierstrass p,
&x2111; ℑ ℑ blackletter capital I=imaginary part,
&x211C; ℜ ℜ blackletter capital R=real part symbol,
&x2122; ™ ™ trade mark sign
&x2135; ℵ ℵ alef symbol=first transfinite cardinal,
&x2190; ← ← leftwards arrow
&x2191; ↑ ↑ upwards arrow
&x2192; → → rightwards arrow
&x2193; ↓ ↓ downwards arrow
&x2194; ↔ ↔ left right arrow
&x21B5; ↵ ↵ downwards arrow with corner leftwards=carriage return,
&x21D0; ⇐ ⇐ leftwards double arrow
&x21D1; ⇑ ⇑ upwards double arrow
&x21D2; ⇒ ⇒ rightwards double arrow
&x21D3; ⇓ ⇓ downwards double arrow
&x21D4; ⇔ ⇔ left right double arrow
Mathematical Operators
×   × × times
÷   ÷ ÷ divide
<   &#60 &lt; less than
>   &#62; &gt; greater than
°   &#176; &deg; degree
±   &#177; &plusmn; plus minus
¬   &#172; &not; not
¹   &#185; &sup1; super 1
²   &#178; &sup2; super 2
³   &#179; &sup3; super 3
µ   &#181; &micro; micro
·   &#183; &middot; mid dot
¼   &#188; &frac14; one quarter
½   &#189; &frac12; one half
¾   &#190; &frac34; three quarters
&x2200; &#8704; &forall; for all
&x2202; &#8706; &part; partial differential
&x2203; &#8707; &exist; there exists
&x2205; &#8709; &empty; empty set=null set, =diameter,
&x2207; &#8711; &nabla; nabla=backward difference,
&x2208; &#8712; &isin; element of
&x2209; &#8713; &notin; not an element of
&x220B; &#8715; &ni; contains as member
&x220F; &#8719; &prod; n-ary product=product sign,
&x2211; &#8721; &sum; n-ary sumation
&x2212; &#8722; &minus; minus sign
&x2217; &#8727; &lowast; asterisk operator
&x221A; &#8730; &radic; square root=radical
&x221D; &#8733; &prop; proportional to
&x221E; &#8734; &infin; infinity
&x2220; &#8736; &ang; angle
&x2227; &#8869; &and; logical and=wedge,
&x2228; &#8870; &or; logical or=vee,
&x2229; &#8745; &cap; intersection=cap,
&x222A; &#8746; &cup; union=cup,
&x222B; &#8747; &int; integral
&x2234; &#8756; &there4; therefore
&x223C; &#8764; &sim; tilde operator=varies with, =similar to,
&x2245; &#8773; &cong; approximately equal to
&x2248; &#8776; &asymp; almost equal to=asymptotic to,
&x2260; &#8800; &ne; not equal to
&x2261; &#8801; &equiv; identical to
&x2264; &#8804; &le; less-than or equal to
&x2265; &#8805; &ge; greater-than or equal to
&x2282; &#8834; &sub; subset of
&x2283; &#8835; &sup; superset of
&x2284; &#8836; &nsub; not a subset of
&x2286; &#8838; &sube; subset of or equal to
&x2287; &#8839; &supe; superset of or equal to
&x2295; &#8853; &oplus; circled plus=direct sum,
&x2297; &#8855; &otimes; circled times=vector product,
&x22A5; &#8869; &perp; up tack=orthogonal to, =perpendicular,
&x22C5; &#8901; &sdot; dot operator
Miscellaneous Technical
&x2308; &#8968; &lceil; left ceiling=apl upstile,
&x2309; &#8969; &rceil; right ceiling
&x230A; &#8970; &lfloor; left floor=apl downstile,
&x230B; &#8971; &rfloor; right floor
&x2329; &#9001; &lang; left-pointing angle bracket=bra,
&x232A; &#9002; &rang; right-pointing angle bracket=ket,
Document Editing
¦   &#166; &brvbar; broken verticle bar
§   &#167; &sect; section
  &#182; &para; paragraph
©   &#169; &copy; copyright
®   &#174; &reg; registered
«   &#171; &laquo; left quote
»   &#187; &raquo; right quote
Geometric Shapes
&x25CA; &#9674; &loz; lozenge
¢   &#162; &cent; cent
£   &#163; &pound; pound
¤   &#164; &curren; currency
¥   &#165; &yen; yen
Miscellaneous Symbols
&x2660; &#9824; &spades; black spade suit
&x2663; &#9827; &clubs; black club suit=shamrock,
&x2665; &#9829; &hearts; black heart suit=valentine,
&x2666; &#9830; &diams; black diamond suit