Ant Killer

By Mark Lawrence

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Ant killer

1/2 cup water
1 tbl boric acid (available at Walgreens in the bug death section)
1 cup sugar

  1. Put the water in a medium sized bowl. Heat in microwave for 1 minute. Add 1 tablespoon boric acid. Stir until completely dissolved, about a minute.

  2. Add 1 cup sugar, stir until completely dissolved.

  3. Place the mix in small containers, like bottle caps or the bottom 1/2" of a yogurt container. Put these wherever you have ant problems. Or better yet, pour a small 1" diameter puddle near problem areas on kitchen counters or floors. Warning: dogs and kids will eat this stuff. Cats won't, they don't like sugar. I dunno about hamsters, etc.

  4. Be patient. The ants will find it within a couple hours and go nuts. Don't interrupt their feed-fest. You have to let them eat their fill and bring it back to the nest, where, over the course of the next couple days, the boric acid will kill the queen. That's right, I'm inciting regicide.

  5. Proportions are important. Too much boric acid and the ants never make it back to the nest. Too little and you're just feeding the little buggers.

If you have something in particular you wish to protect from ants, like the cat food, put some talcom or baby powder under it. Ants hate this stuff and won't cross it. And, as a plus, your cat will get very soft little paws.